Creative Living with Sydia

Authentic Solutions for Everyday Living


Pleasure seeing you here.

I am pretty sure someone (probably a parent of a lovable child between the ages of 5 + 12) mentioned my name, or we have had an inspiring conversation in a classroom, coffee shop or event. Whatever led you here, I'm glad it did. Creative Living with Sydia offers authentic services and ideas that help you make the most out of everyday moments.


The Basics.

I'm an entrepreneur, creative consultant and facilitator with an unwavering commitment in helping you find that authentic space where your learned skills + natural interests meet.


Creative Care

Everyday moments + touchable things to ignite your child's natural interests and skills with personalized activities that provide self-reflective, entrepreneurial and interpersonal development. 

Creative Conversations

Geared toward students my classroom conversations use a variety of narratives, exercises + creative theories to reclaim the value + power in, what appears to be, the mundane.

Real Talk.

Two-hour sessions dedicated to declaring, supporting and turning your dreams into real life.

What They Say