An educator who helps people declare their dreams + find the audacity to make them a reality.

I'm an entrepreneur, mindset coach and practical life skills educator with an unwavering commitment in helping you find that authentic space where your learned skills and natural interests meet.

Forever a New Yorker, Atlanta is where I have spent time cultivating relationships with influential creatives and small business owners, hosting and designing meaningfully crafty playdates for kids, engaging students in traditional learning environments, consulting with individuals and, of course, thinking big while designing my tiny home.

Even though you won't find me taking photographs, creating websites or drawing illustrations -- I am a creative. Well, contemporary creative. My natural skill set doesn't scream artsy, but I apply creative strategies + concepts in my everyday life that allows me to live on my terms. While pursuing my undergraduate degree at Savannah College of Art and Design -- Atlanta (SCAD), I started forging relationships with emerging artists and entrepreneurs as a freelance writer for local newspaper, Atlanta INtown.  My approach transformed traditional assignments into creative and successful marketing campaigns like 'Keep It INtown'. After attaining a M.F.A. in Creative Nonfiction I combined my literary and entrepreneurial interests and started to seamlessly integrate culturally relevant content through unique events and projects. I introduced the community to authors, business owners and influencers that were ushering in a new form of creative living that combined personal and financial understanding + success. Following my studies, I worked with various emerging publications, creative agencies and small businesses and developed the creative firm, The Everyday Creative. Derived from my understanding in the significance in valuing, contributing and acknowledging the unique experiences while forging a path toward creative independence. With diverse interests and engaging personality, I have dedicated myself to inspiring through honest conversations, personalized curation and practical habit development in one-on-one mentoring and small workshop groups.